Image courtesy of Instructables/Honus


Have you noticed that your junk drawer is filling up and you're not quite sure if you should bite the bullet and start organizing? You might be tempted to toss much of what's in there. But that overflow of "junk" actually holds a lot of possibility for some cool weekend projects. You may not know it, but you likely have in that drawer everything you need to build unexpected gadgets or craft some handy household items that are anything but junk! Here are a few ideas to get you started turning your junk drawer into green project heaven.

Build Cool Gadgets and Gizmos With Junk Drawer Odds and Ends

1. Popsicle sticks, 9 volt battery, and a handful of other things = Hydrogen fuel cell

2. Altoid Tin and grungy solar landscape light = Solar gadget charger

3. Old gift cards = iPod stands

4. Abandonded ear buds = Desktop speakers

5. Scratched CDs = Solar cooker, USB-powered fan or lots of other possibilities

6. Venetian blind, dowels, hobby motor = Wind turbine

Junk Drawer Bits and Pieces Turn into Neat DooDads

7. Water-tight containers and random junk toys = Geocache stash 8. Old crayons = New crazy color sticks 9. Paint Chip Samples and scratch paper = Mini journals 10. Metal parts from past projects = Camera stablizer 11. Candle stubs and chipped mugs = Vintage candle cups For some mischievous fun, create a pocket-sized catapult out of some junk drawer standards. They may seem like merely fun weekend projects, but all of these ideas get us primed for zero waste lifestyles. Getting creative and handy with what we have in the home leads us to resourceful living habits. And the next step is not having a "junk" drawer at all, but rather a raw and recycled materials drawer!