The summer heat is coming on fast, and it can be hard to resist turning to the air conditioning for relief, even for people with the greenest of lifestyles. But the A/C is one of the most energy-intensive appliances around and the more we can stay away from it, the better off our planet will be.

The Refresh Blog has some handy tips for keeping cool this summer without the A/C.

Check out how easy steps to fix your lighting can stop emitting so much heat into your home, or how insulating your pipes even with a simple blanket will help lower temperatures and also save you money.

Some of the tips are obvious, yet we still don't do them: skip the dryer and opt for a clothesline instead, unplug electronics when not in use—something that helps reduce energy consumption anyway, so that should a year-round habit—and do your best to avoid cooking in the oven. (You can use an outdoor grill, which at least keeps the heat outside, but better yet, try a solar cooker. They're easy to make yourself, and can even be a great reuse project for old CDs.)

Go for a white roof or other light color, or even better a green roof, and keep the curtains closed during the day to block out the most potent source of summer heat. Read the rest of the post to learn how to maximize your landscaping and choose the best fans for maximum ventilation—all to keep cool without ever turning on the A/C.

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