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You know that paying your bills electronically can save money, time and paper, but do you know how much? According to a new study from the PayitGreen Alliance, it's an awful lot; each American household receives approximately 19 bills and statements, from credit card bills to bank statements, and makes approximately 7 payments in paper form per month. And it really adds up.

By switching to electronic bills, statements, and payments, the average American household would, every year, save 6.6 pounds of paper, 171 pounds of greenhouse gases, 24 square feet of forest from deforestation and 63 gallons of wastewater. If just 2 percent of American households (2,287,680 households) made the switch, those number go up to 15,093,962 pounds of paper, 390,080,292 pounds (196,040 tons) of greenhouse gases and avoid creating 143,960,137 gallons of wastewater, enough to fill 218 Olympic-size swimming pools. Head on over to use PayitGreen's calculator to see how much you, and your friends and family, can save by going with electronic billing. ::PayitGreen

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