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I wrote a while back about planning your fall garden now to ensure that you keep harvesting at least up until the last frost. And while I was able to give a few general suggestions, your options will vary widely depending on the region in which you garden.

Thankfully, the crew over at Mother Earth News has combined their wealth of gardening experience to put together a monthly regional list of what to plant in your garden.

It's very simple to use. Just go to the "What to Plant Now" section of the Mother Earth News site, and select your region. Then select a month, and you'll get a list of vegetables and herbs you can plant during that particular month in your garden. Even better, it tells you whether you should be starting them from seed indoors, direct-sowing them outdoors, or planting transplants outdoors.

It's a really useful tool, and one that can help quite a bit as you plan your succession plantings and try to keep your garden producing well into the fall.