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Recreate the sights and scents of a backyard garden indoors with a living wall, also known as a "vertical garden" or "green wall." A dynamic way of sprucing up your quarters, without requiring a great deal of room, a living wall also filters air, sequestering the carbon dioxide you exhale, while absorbing sound.

To create your living wall, you'll first need a living-wall stand, which comes in myriad sizes from a variety of manufacturers. You'll also need living-wall panels, high-quality potting soil, and potted plants.

First, spread a waterproof drop cloth to protect your floors from water and debris. Next, fill the panels with soil all the way to the top and firmly press the soil into each pocket. Dig a hole in one cell large enough to fit one potted plant, then remove the plant from the pot and place it inside the hole, packing the sides around the base to compact the soil and remove any air pockets.

Continue this process until you've planted all the plants, spacing them as desired. Once they're all in place, pack them in firmly to reduce the amount of falling soil. Add enough water to moisten the cells, but not to the point where they're drowning in water. Stand the panel up vertically, allow loose soil to fall, then place the panels inside teh living wall stand.

Tip: Clean out the top catch area of each panel using a butter knife to ensure good water flow. ::Discovery Channel Canada

Difficulty level: Moderate