If you haven't socked away enough money for new, energy-efficient windows-or you're a renter who doesn't have the latitude to make major home improvements-consider applying one of several types of window film to your panes for instant energy savings.

A plastic film with low-emissivity (low-E) coating, which can reduce heat loss through old windows by 30 percent to 50 percent, provides a thin metallic coat the blocks off heat and ultraviolet rays. Apply the low-E film to the inside pane of your window to trap heat indoors in the winter. When the mercury begins to rise, flip the film over to the outside pane to keep the sun's heat out of your domicile. Plus, according to Lowe's, insulating window films will pay for themselves in less than a year in reduced utility bills.Do-it-yourself window film is available in rolls or in precut kits, but you might want to consult the professionals on very large windows. Here are some companies that manufacture energy-saving window films:

1. Bekaert

2. CP Films

3. Film Technologies

4. Madico

5. Plastic View International

[Via ::The Daily Green]

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