Just as wine should never go to waste, neither should the corks. Wine corks are fun to collect, and they make the perfect DIY material for repurposing because they are biodegradable, natural, and renewable. Create this project and it will make it fun to hop out of the tub too.

What exactly is cork?

Cork comes from the awesome cork oak tree. As the bark thickens, it can be stripped off of the tree and manufactured into cork material such as flooring and wine corks. Stripping the bark doesn't hurt the tree, as the bark will regenerate in several years. The cork can be harvested every 10 to 12 years. Cork trees create consistent and valuable CO2. The bark is harvested by hand, so there is no heavy machinery involved and it's a relatively small footprint for a highly usable material. Cork oak trees are an important balance to cork forests. In Portugal (home of most of the worlds cork production) cork trees are protected and may not be cut down. There are about 13 billion natural wine corks produced each year.

DIY Wine Cork Bathmat

This fabulous Wine Cork Bathmat was spotted over on the Craftynest blog. To follow this tutorial you'll need almost 200 wine corks (sounds like a party!), an adhesive (they use a glue gun, but gorilla glue should work too), a shelf liner and a few tools.

Not up for DIYing? Here is a cork bath mat you can purchase from Gaiam. It is naturally antifungal and made from sustainably harvested cork.

Drink up or fish out those little stoppers from the trash and start repurposing them!