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I love suntan lotion (the stuff that helps you get tanner, not sunscreen) but the good ones are pricey. I made my husband go to the store to buy some organic suntan lotion and when he returned he was annoyed that the cheapest one they had was a tiny bottle for $15. If you like to be in the sun and you reapply often, you're likely to run through some serious suntan lotion. If you make your own you can also control the use of synthetic ingredients and instead pick the good stuff. So why not make your own for a change and see if you prefer it to the store brands?

Peppermint Suntan Lotion RecipeWhat You Need:

2 tbsp organic coconut oil

4 tbsp organic sesame oil

1/3 cup lanolin

4 drops peppermint essential oil


Rubber spatula

Resealable container


1. Blend the coconut oil, sesame oil, lanolin, and peppermint essential oil in a blender on a low speed.

2. Store in a sealed container no longer than a week.

You can add whatever essential oil that you would like to give it a scent. I also like using lavender as it adds an element of relaxation to the mix.

Editor's Note: This product will not protect your from the sun. Use with caution and consider making your own sunscreen if you're looking for protection from the sun's harmful rays.