Have you noticed the Valentine's decorations go up as soon as the Christmas hoopla comes down? Valentine's Day is here, and let's see if we can make this sugarcoated holiday more eco-friendly.

The highly commercial holidays that push a multitude of non-sustainable ideas: cards that get tossed, roses that get shipped in from Osh Kosh, non-reusable kitschy décor, paraffin candles, and candy that adds nothing to your health but mucho padding to your hips, can be greened up!

WATCH VIDEO: Emeril shows us how the fair-trade chocolate label helps farmers in other countries have a better life.

There is hope for an eco-love that will last way beyond the rosy red day!

Share these double-duty Valentine DIY ideas that will say "I Love You" the more sustainable way.Home Décor

Hang Sweet Paul's Twig Heart over your bed and make a bed canopy. Interior designer Patricia Gray has rounded up and inspiring group of DIY romantic bed canopies.


If you don't send everyone on your Valentine's list e-cards, The Long Tread suggests making cards from recycled paper products such as maps, book pages, junk mail, holiday cards, paper bags, cereal boxes, sheet music, children's artwork, office paper, gift wrap, brochures, invitations, and magazines. Martha Stewart's Felt Valentine Fortune Cookies make sweet cards.


Make a dozen origami roses. Use leftover holiday tissue paper or cards. Instructables has a great tutorial here.


Set the mood for a romantic Valentine's dinner with vintage lace trimmed votive soy candles.


Present your honey with Natural Home Magazine"s yummy Chocolate Cherry Scones in a homemade gift box. Chocoholics love fair-trade Chocolate-Dipped Organic Strawberries.

Watch Threadbanger's DIY simple, stylish and romantic home décor for Valentine's Day: