If more than a million students get their way, Congress will agree to launch a national program for clean energy science and engineering education.

It's great to see students recognize that their best interests lie in helping to create a clean-energy future, and organizing to make sure those interests become a reality. Teryn Norris, director of Americans for Energy Leadership, one of the organizers of the effort, writes on HuffPost that advanced energy education is critical for U.S. leadership in the global clean energy industry, and the letter submitted by more than 100 student government presidents "calls on Congress to support the RE-ENERGYSE ("Regaining our Energy Science & Engineering Edge") proposal, which would invest tens of millions of dollars annually in energy science and engineering education programs at universities, technical and community colleges, and K-12 schools."

It was originally proposed by President Obama in April 2009

These kids recognize what many of our leaders still seem not to:

"Federal investment in advanced energy education, including RE-ENERGYSE, will more than pay for itself," said David Gobaud, President of the Associated Students of Stanford University for the 2009-2010 academic year. "These are long-term investments in our future. Higher education is a foundation for competitiveness and growth, and the clean-tech industry is one of our generation's greatest opportunities. We can lead this industry by investing in the next generation of clean energy innovators, and Congress must take action."

...According to the National Science Board, science and engineering make up only about one-third of U.S. bachelor's degrees, compared to 63 percent in Japan, 53 percent in China, and 51 percent in Singapore.

To support the more than one million students who are trying to ensure a promising future for themselves, contact your Congresspersons to support RE-ENERGYSE and [/url]get involved with the campaign.[/url]