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Oh the joys of autumn. Pretty soon the weather will become a bit crisper, the leaves will change, and root vegetables will start showing up at the farmers' market. And with the changing season, comes more ways to reduce your impact.

Minimize Your Impact This Fall:

Break a sweat in the garden this fall.

1. Make mulch from fall leaves. You can reuse those leaves to nourish the supple blades of springtime grass. Read how.

2. If you're going to clear leaves use a rake instead of a leaf blower. Raking leaves can burn 290 calories an hour. And gas powered leaf blowers use fossil fuels, add to the laundry list of unnecessary lawn equipment that contributes to your overall consumption, and cause noise pollution.

3. Grow your own gourds for fall decoration. Why buy them at the store when you can grow your own beautiful, local gourds?

4. Protect pumpkins and squashes from animals pests without chemical pesticides in the garden.

Enjoy the beautiful crisp, clean air of fall by stepping outside.

5. Plan a romantic fall eco-getaway. The dense humidity has been replaced suddenly by the crisp, clean air and the vibrant color diversity of autumn. It's the perfect time for a quick weekend getaway with your sweetie to ensure that you actually get to enjoy this fabulous time of year.

6. Go apple picking. Take the kids to a local orchard and enjoy the best apples the area has to offer. Enjoy local cider, caramel apples, and fresh pies while supporting your local farmers. 7. Go hiking to see leaves at peak color. Here are five gorgeous hiking spots in the U.S. 8. Plan a greener tailgate party. Hearty eats, good beers, and football, what more do you need? As a die hard Georgia Bulldog fan, I never miss a game day but tailgating can also cause a ton of waste. This season why not take some easy steps toward a greener tailgate? Get cooking with fall-favorite recipes. 9. Make lasagna with fall vegetables and sage béchamel. Enjoy hearty root veggies with this decadent béchamel lasagna. 10. Make butternut squash soup. Put all your fall squash to use with this easy recipe. 11. Throw all those sweet potatoes into this comfy sweet potato gnocchi with sage brown butter sauce. Celebrate the season with fall holidays and festivals. 12. Throw a green party for Oktoberfest. I mean what's not to love, big tasty beers, lederhosen, and Polka, a seriously good time and another seasonal reason to celebrate. If Germany isn't in the budget this year (or your carbon budget!) why not throw a greener Oktoberfest party at home? 13. Make your own Halloween costumes. Halloween only comes once a year and, as such, can promote that one time use attitude. Instead, this year, make your own cheaper, better Halloween costume. 14. Buy green Halloween candy. Read Planet Green's guide to green Halloween candy.