Have I mentioned that I have a minor (OK, major) obsession with DIY light fixtures? Chandelier envy aside, I've also been busy repurposing wine bottles into stylish lamps. I love the look of hanging pendants too, particularly the big hanging lights that lit up the mid-century scene.

My adoration for globe shaped pendants like this dramatic "Random Light" that looks like a modern day craft project is epic. The price tag of over a thousand dollars makes these luminary gems grandly expensive. What do you do if you need, a globe pendant to adorn your entryway, dining room or bedroom? DIY it, naturally!

The Crafty Nest's DIY Hemp Pendant Lamp is the perfect alternative for a few reasons:

1. It is made from hemp which, when purchased from certifiable organic source is a strong natural fiber that grows naturally and voraciously.

2. You can make it yourself to your own specifications (and satisfaction).

3. Save loads of money.

WATCH VIDEO:[/b] [url='']Living With Ed: Everyday Lighting TipsDIY Hemp Pendant Lamp

With a large bouncy ball or balls of various sizes, some hemp string and craft glue, just follow this Crafty Nest tutorial with more pictures of the project.

Check out Crafty Nest for more DIY goodness.