Renovation Nation makes going green with your next home project look extremely exciting and interesting, but some viewers may hold back because of what the rest of the world seems to think about the cost and convenience of greenovating.

Here are a few common myths plus the facts surrounding eco-friendly home enhancements:

MYTH: A green renovation is more expensive than a regular one.

FACT: While some sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials and appliances are slightly more expensive than their counterparts, not all are. Besides, there are actually many savings that come with a green purchase, including federal and state tax rebates (like Fresno's rebate for solar panels) and lower energy bills. The difference in initial price is often more than made up for within a few months and the energy-efficient product usually pays for itself ten times over throughout the life of the item.

MYTH: There aren't many aesthetic choices when it comes to green materials and products.

FACT: As the homeowners on Renovation Nation can attest, there's almost too much choice! With more and more people interested in going green, hundreds of companies have begun offering eco-friendly products, meaning that if you search carefully locally and on the internet, you'll find plenty of options that suit your needs.

MYTH: Green materials and appliances won't last as long as regular ones.

FACT: Eco-friendly products are just as and often more tough and durable. Just because a product is recycled, is smaller, is made of natural materials, or conserves energy doesn't mean that it is of poor quality or weaker than "regular" products.

MYTH: Green renovations aren't mainstream and won't be appealing to buyers if I try to sell my home.

FACT: Eco-friendly homes full of features like programmable thermostats, skylights, VOC-free painted walls, and other green details are actually selling for up to 25% MORE than non-green neighborhood comps.