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Which leaves me asking: Where have they been my whole life? And why aren

According to Yahoo! Green, the eco-task team sniffs out polluting criminals, issuing tickets to offending violators, and enforcing environmental law. The article cites two recent examples of the Green Police

A big red dump truck cruises along the Triborough Bridge from the Bronx, spitting thick black smoke in the air. Seconds later, the "green police" turn on their sirens and are in hot pursuit

Soon after, Wilson and his colleague Officer Machnica whisk off to Chinatown, as part of their daily green grind

Machnica is quoted saying,

We check the size of the fish for protected species, and the origin of shellfish, because there are many regulations, and the US does not accept clams coming from certain waters.

With unruly auto emissions (there

Which brings us to the sad news: Only 20 officers exist in NYC and with the current economy, they