Spreading the green word at work is as easy as a DIY project.

Actions speak louder than words. It's an old saying that always seems to ring true in my life. And it can especially be applied to your work life when trying to influence colleagues to be more eco-friendly. No one likes to be preached at and lecturing your colleagues on their poor recycling or consumption habits likely won't instigate any sort of positive change. Making sure to not be an eco-jerk is important. If you've got something green to say, try saying it through your actions before opening your mouth. You might just find it works out a little better.

So if you want to teach your colleagues a thing or two about reusing, try making this simple photo frame for your desk.

How to make a photo frame from a clear cup or jar:1. Locate your clear glass or cup.

It doesn't matter if it's glass or plastic, as long as it's clear. Wash it thoroughly. Unless you want smoothie residue all over the picture of your brother's family...

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.

2. Find a picture you'd like to frame.

I managed to find a smoothie residue-free picture of my brother and his family from about ten years ago. Precious.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.

3. Bend your photo so that it fits through the mouth of your cup or jar. Turn the jar or cup upside down and enjoy!

This project is fun. It's also easy. On top of being easy and fun, it's a good way to reuse some nasty plastic and create an opportunity to talk to your colleagues about being green, too. Trust me, if you put one of these cool little frames on your desk, someone will eventually mention it to you. When that day comes, you'll have a chance to talk about why being green is important to you without being abrasive or snotty.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.