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Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is hard. Finding someone who also shares your passion for green living it can be darn near impossible—especially if you live in an area where the green movement hasn't infiltrated the community at large. So if you're faced with the dilemma of where to find a worthy soul mate, here are six places that just might tip the odds in your favor.

1. Search the Green Internet

Internet dating is hot right now, so it shouldn't surprise you to find that there are even a hand full of green dating sites. Well, actually there was a hand full a few years ago, today it is more like a bushel of sites to choose from. There is Green Singles, Green Passions, Veggie Love, Concerned Singles, and Ethical Singles, just to name a few. Some of them will cost you some green to chat with green members, while others are free. Either way, it sure beats the wasted dollars spent at the bar looking for love. The nice thing about these sites is they allow you to spread your green feelers out into areas a little further than your local natural grocery store, which speaking of, are great places to meet eco-conscious partners.

2. Shop at a Natural Grocery Store

Natural grocery stores attract vegans, health nuts, environmentalists, and the naturally curious. While you can find healthy food at any grocery store, the local farmers and hometown based natural/organic products tend to be featured at natural food stores more than national grocer chains. The products here are often more expensive, but if you can find yourself a few good dates, you'll be saving money you might have spent on a monthly Internet dating membership.

3. Visit Your Local Farmer's Market

Not everybody that goes to the farmers market has environmental ideals, but many of them at least appreciate the value of clean, organic food, and supporting local green markets (all qualities worthy of a treehugger). The larger the market, the more chance you'll have to meet a prospective partner. The key to making this idea successful is opening yourself up to a little flirtatiousness. This can be as simple and innocent as using one of these lines: What's your secret to picking out those ripe tomatoes? That corn sure looks good, where did you find it? Excuse me, I hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you normally cook these?

4. Volunteer for Green Organizations and Projects

Another great way to meet eco-conscious partners is through volunteer organizations and local events, such as the Green Apple Festival. Events like these can be as fruitful for finding green singles as an ant farm is for finding ants. The key to these types of events is just to enjoy meeting new people and allow nature to take its course. You will be surrounded by like-minded folks, which puts the odds in your favor if you run across someone who catches your fancy. Even if you don't meet anyone at the first few events, I can't think of any better way to spend an afternoon or evening!

5. Go on a Green Retreat

Now I am not necessarily speaking about traveling halfway around the world just to meet a few green singles. There are usually a variety of nature geared retreats to attend in your local area with either a group of friends or by yourself. Some retreats can be singles specific, while others are more interest based, such as a (yoga retreat). If you have given up on meeting anyone in your area, you can always take a leap of faith and travel to another part of the globe. To minimize your carbon footprint and maximize your chances of meeting fellow green friendlies, make sure you stay at one of the many eco-hotels available around the world. You'll just need to decide how far you are willing to go to find a green partner.

6. Frequent Book Stores and Libraries

People with a passion for reading are likely to be hip to global events—like global warming—and they tend to fall one side of the fence or the other about them. In other words, you will probably either hit it off or be at complete opposite ends of the spectrum with the potential dates you'll meet in a bookstore. But this can be a good thing: You won't waste time on all those dates trying to get to know a fence-straddler. Because we all know that sometimes it's just easier to play your hand as if you were fishing: Keep the good ones and throw the rest back in the sea.

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