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Cringe at the thought of disposable picnic-ware? You might want to mentally file this project away the next time you're at a business or family luncheon--and you find yourself awash in a desolate sea of disposable plastic cups.

The editors at Natural Home have a creative way of recycling disposable plastic cups into a sculptural lamp that gives off a muted, milk-glass glow.

To create the light, you'll need to wash and dry about 120 disposable plastic cups. Next, staple two cups together side-by-side, inserting your stapler as far back as possible. Add a third cup in the "valley" between the first two, and then keep adding cups until you get a two-tier chain of cups that is long enough to bend into a large circle and be stapled to itself. Decrease the number of cups for each subsequent row--the final row only needs about 11 cups.

Finally, use four 1/4-inch dowels to create a "collar" from which the light shade can be attached to a pendant light kid. Stick in a compact fluorescent bulb and trim the dowels to the length you desire. ::Natural Home

Difficulty level: Easy