One of Abi's vintage pillowcase grocery bags.


You know how we are here at Planet Green. We love our reusable shopping bags. We've shown you how to make them with shower curtains and milk cartons, tarps and towels, and even tank tops. We've even tacked the etiquette of BYOB (bring your own bag, of course!) But today I'm going to show you the most beautiful, make-it-yourself, reusable shopping bag project I've ever seen.

I came across the idea on one of my favorite crafting blogs, SpiderWomanKnits. Abi was inspired by the bags she saw in another very craft woman's Etsy shop, and decided to make her own. She made several, and posted the photos, as well as a very helpful tutorial, on her blog. The bags are beautiful (have I mentioned that I think they're beautiful?), eco-friendly (reusable bags made from vintage pillowcases) and actually quite simple to make if you have even the most basic of skills with a sewing machine. What I really liked about this project is that, as Abi mentions in her post, not a single scrap of the pillowcase fabric goes to waste -- you use everything. Love it!

While the most obvious use for these bags is as grocery totes, I think they'd also make really pretty diaper bags, beach bags, or book bags. You can easily find vintage pillowcases at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales, and the variety in the designs and colors is just amazing. If you like toting your groceries in style, this is the way to go!

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