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7 Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Home Naturally and Effectively

By preventing pests naturally, you'll prevent the need for those nasty pesticides. A recent study has linked pesticides to Parkinson's. As if that's not bad enough, pesticides can kill animals that need not be killed, damage the water supply and cause other illnesses in humans.

Taking a few preventative measures will reduce the amount of pests who hang out in your backyard and in your home. A lot of these tips have the added bonus of being green in and of themselves.

1. Fix leaky plumbing Leaking water is an open invitation for pests. It's also a waste of water. Standing water makes a great breeding ground for insects.

2. Creative Gardening Grow plants that attract beneficial insects as well as birds. Spiders, mantises and ladybugs make great all-natural pesticides.

3. Compost Bin Make sure to put a lid on your compost bin. Place a layer of mulch over fresh compost. Make sure non-compostable food scraps are made unavailable to pests.

4. Pets Pets can be a deterrent to larger pests like rats and raccoons, but don't leave pet food out overnight.

5. Reduce Clutter Clutter makes a great place for bugs, mice and other creepy crawlies to hang out. Cut the clutter. Reuse or recycle old newspapers and boxes. Take your unused objects to the Goodwill. Get a tax break.

6. Caulking Filling cracks with caulk, removes hiding places for pests. It's good for the longevitiy of your house and your energy efficiency.

7. Don't Let Pests Inside If you go camping, make sure to clean off the dirt from your equipment. Brush off objects that have been sitting in a shed or garage before bringing it in the house. Take off you shoes before entering the home.