Colleen Vanderlinden


So, we're growing pumpkins this year. Two varieties: the gorgeous "Cinderella" Rouge d'Etampes pumpkin and a jack o' lantern pumpkin from seeds I received in a seed exchange. And we have four nice little pumpkins growing. Except that one of the Cinderella pumpkins has a few bite marks in the rind which have since calloused over, and one of the jack o' lantern pumpkins was nibbled and eventually eaten right off of the vine by voracious squirrels. We decided to take action to protect the remaining pumpkins (as well as the other winter squashes that we're growing.) Here are a few ideas we've had success with. We looked for ideas in several places, including books, magazines, websites, and giant pumpkin grower discussion boards (yes, they exist. And they're actually a lot of fun, thank you very much!) and tried a bunch of them. These are the ones that actually worked.