Andy Warhol reads magazine, 1965

Bernard Gotfryd, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Andy Warhol reads magazine, 1965; Photo credit: Bernard Gotfryd, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Some of us get far too many magazines; fortunately there are lots of things you can do besides just recycling them. We have already suggested turning them into ornaments and even building furniture out of them, but there are lots of other ideas floating around the web. The first and best thing to do is pass them on, donating them to hospitals, libraries and waiting rooms everywhere. I get so many that I am setting up a box in front of my house where neighbours can pick and choose through them.

Pam Gaulin at Associated Content suggests using them as a boot saver:

Roll up an already read magazine and place it in a knee-length zipped boot (when the boot is not being worn) in order to maintain the shape of suede, vinyl or leather boot. Place a magazine in each boot. The magazine will help the boot stay firm and shapely through the lonely summer months, when the boot is not being worn. A rolled magazine can also help the boot stay in shape daily, between uses during the winter months as well.

Kelly Leahy at Green Daily suggests Freecycle; I did this with a couple of years worth of design magazines and had lots of takers. She also recommends homeless shelters and seniors centers. It that fails, she suggests making custom envelopes and great ransom notes to put in them.

I am reading more and more of them online, but do find it hard in the bathtub.

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