Packing your pre-iTunes CDs into a zippered wallet is a clever space-saving trick, except that it leaves you with a towering pile of empty plastic jewel cases, which are usually made from molded polystyrene and not easily recyclable.

While options on that front are few and far between, GreenDisk will accept your castoff cases, which the company then uses as raw material for its own line of jewel cases made from at least 76 percent post-consumer waste content. We wanted to know, however, if we could squeeze another use out of them before we sent them packing. Here's what we found we could do:

1. Put them up on Freecycle so small indie bands can package their demo CDs or album releases.

2. Make a minimalist lamp

3. Turn a case into a mini dry erase board (use an orphan sock for the eraser)4. Use them to frame your pictures

5. Create wall art, including a large mural

6. Form a dramatic chandelier

7. Assemble a funky birdhouse

8. Glue a couple of cases together and form bookends

9. Use one as a calendar display (personalize with photos and give away as gifts) 10. Prop a case open and slip your recipe card inside to protect it from kitchen splatters 11. Create a display cube 12. Store eyeshadow 13. Make a notepad holder 14. Create a pen holder Difficulty level: Easy