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Goodyear recently announced that they're cutting another 5,000 jobs this year. This announcement from Goodyear has got me thinking about the tire industry. Whether the industry is booming or not, it's still wasteful. Have you ever stopped to envision all of the tires that are wasting away in our earth because of this cycle? (I've seen enough pictures of tire graveyards to get the point).

(Deeeeeeep breath). It's scary. And gross. And exactly why we should all be recycling our tires and supporting artists and companies alike who utilize the rubber from used tires and save that rubber from being buried in a landfill. Recycling our rubber is crucial.

How to Recycle Your Tires:

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- How to Recycle Tires

How to Support Products Made with Recycled Rubber:

- Used Rubber USA has wallets, bags, and accessories made from used rubber.

-Lots of artists on Etsy craft items out of recycled rubber.

-Zuss has an eclectic collection of clothing and accessories made from used rubber.

-Haute*Nature has a recycled rubber container collection.

-Trendir has recycled rubber roof tiles.

-Heck, even Target has recycled rubber rugs.