iStockphoto/Timur Djafarov


Wondering what to do with all those energy-sucking light bulbs you've been wisely replacing with eco-friendly CFLs? These hanging vases are so charming and ridiculously easy to make. Grouped together they make quite a green and elegant statement!

How to Make Hanging Vases from Recycled Light Bulbs

Step One: Using fine-tooth metal saw, gently saw the bottom of light bulb. Pull out the filaments.

Step Two: Using a hand held drill place metal against some scrap wood and poke two holes opposite from each other.

Step Three: Lace thin wire through the holes and tie off at desired length. Fill with lovely blooms.

Also makes cute salt and pepper shakers. Most soda caps are the correct width for a top. Just fill, poke holes and enjoy!

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