The Green Guide suggests three simple yet effective ways of reducing paper waste in your kitchen, including reusing your coffee filters. (You can purchase reusable filters in both metal and hemp versions.) The second piece of advice, to eat less processed (read: overpackaged) foods, is obvious enough, although we'd like to add that shopping from the bulk-foods section can also significantly slash packaging waste, while saving you a few clams at the same time.

The "80/20 rule" is a keeper: Reach for reusable cloths at least 80 percent of time, the guide recommends, and look for processed-chlorine-free recycled-paper goods for the other 20 percent. (Kitty barf goes under this writer's 20 percent.) Tip: Tear up ratty old T-shirts for rags when you need a quick-and free-assist. ::The Green Guide

Difficulty level: Easy