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Likely the most repulsed gift of all time, the dreaded fruitcake—a dense, dry mess made with loads of corn syrup and fake fruits. Beyond the strange example of my father, who for some unknown reason cannot get enough of the stuff, I know few who welcome such a gift. But thanks to PayPal's new campaign fruitcakes truly have a use.

One of the most wasteful aspects of this sometimes wasteful season is buying gifts that you know people don't want. There's just no sense in it. Instead, turn a gift that everyone just chucks or regifts to the next victim, into a gift that actually makes a difference. OK, truth be told you're not regifting a real fruitcake here...

Here's how it works according to the Web site:

Make: Log on to create a fruitcake on behalf of a featured charity.

Donate: Make a donation to a charity using your PayPal account.

Regift: Use Facebook Connect to regift the fruitcake to friends all over the Internet.

If your charity raises the most money, PayPal will add an additional $20,000 on to the total. The second runner-up will get an additional $10,000 and the third runner-up will get an additional $5,000. Every week the fruitcake with the most points, which are based on the number of regifts and donations generated, will win an ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Netbook.

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Via: PayPal's Regift a Fruitcake Campaign