Almost every homeowner featured on Renovation Nation renovates with heat efficiency in mind. We all need heat for our homes. It gets cold in some places, especially North Dakota. I would argue that North Dakota is existentially cold in addition to being physically cold, but that's a matter of some debate. Now is neither the time nor the place.

Here are some tips:

1. The US Department of Energy demands that home furnaces convert 78% of their total energy expenditure into heat. There are furnaces out there that run at nearly 97% efficiency. Buying one is both green and thrifty.

2. If your furnace was made before 1992, it may be extremely wasteful by today?s standards. Replace it with a newer, greener model.

3. Clean your air filters on a regular basis. The dirtier the filter, the more expensive the heating bill.

4. Clear all furniture and debris from your vents. By removing obstructions from your vents, you can better heat yourself and your family. Your chair or your drapes may appreciate that they are being warmed, but I doubt it. They are inanimate objects.

5. Give your heater a tune-up. Like a car, the best way to keep the motor running is by having it serviced regularly. A yearly check-up can keep your heater at peak performance.

6. Seal your ducts. A leaky duct can be a big energy suck. Make sure those ducts are air-tight. Insulate them to be extra-green.

7. Buy a computerized thermostat. Computers, they are everywhere. You can program your heating system to heat your home only when people are there. Why heat a house that no one is in? Don't ask me. I don't do that.

This post was inspired by Renovation Nation, Episode 12.