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Solar panels get called eco-bling because they are so expensive to purchase and to maintain. Solar panels are exciting and fun as all new, cool technologies are, but it's better to make sure that your home is insulated properly. I know. I know. Insulation is boring and you can't show it off.

There is kind of a compromise. You can rent solar panels for your home. Citizenre REnU is a company that rents solar panels. It's like a Blockbuster Video for solar energy. They own the panels, they maintain the panels and they install the panels. Best of all, you pay a fixed rate for the electricity that the panel generates. You can buy a 25 year contract and pay the same flat fee for a quarter of a century. Most solar panels are designed to last 25+ years. So you wouldn't want to rent them longer than that anyway. Fossil fuel-based energy prices may climb, but yours won't. You're cooking with solar. You're also lighting your home and watching TV with solar.

Solar panel rental is available in all but 10 states. (Sorry, Tennessee) You can use the the Citizenre Renu savings calculator to find out how much money a rented solar panel will save you. Use the savings to get proper insulation.

You don't have to buy eco-bling to look like you do.