A reusable burlap grocery bag beats a disposable plastic bag any day! dmerk/Craftster.org


Make your own reusable shopping bags, and customize them for all your shopping needs. Whether you need a simple tote to take to the farmer's market, or smaller bags for purchasing things from bulk bins, we've got an idea for you!

1. Burlap Bag Burlap is inexpensive and sturdy. It's easy to dress up a burlap bag by using colorful contrasting fabric for the handles and some handy pockets.

2. Coffee Tote Fuse together coffee bags to make this clever tote.

3. Convertible Grocery Tote/Backpack This bag can be used messenger bag style, or worn as a backpack for when you carry home groceries on your bike.

4 Reversible Tote This pretty tote has a zippered pouch attached. It's perfect for a quick trip to the farmer's market.

5. Small Bags for Bulk Bin Shopping If you buy in bulk, these small bags made out of tea towels are the perfect thing to keep your purchases separate.