Altoid tins are one of those things most of us can't bear to throw out. They're so sturdy, so well made, so begging to be turned into something cool. Well here are five great ideas for what to do with the tin once the last curiously strong mint is gone.

1. Tiny Tin Speakers

A little boom box in your pocket is pretty tempting. You can make your own speaker box by cannibalizing old and (let's face it) uncool headphones. With just the small speakers, a tin, a hot glue gun and a Dremel tool, you're on your way to mini music.

2. Wallet

The compact shape and hard shell of an Altoid tin is perfect for carting around credit cards, coins, and even keys. Put together a wallet in a few easy steps that keeps your items safe and bound into place.

3. Solar Gadget Charger

Want to always have a renewable energy source with you so your gadgets can always get a boost? How about making a mini solar charger for your gadgets! Instructables has easy step-by-step instructions for a project that is perfect for learning the basics of working with solar power, soldering, and small electronics.

4. Mini Survival Kit

The number one rule for heading out into the wilderness is to be prepared. Even on a day hike, you want to have a few necessities. It could be as easy as slipping your Altoid tin survival kit into your pocket. Field and Stream shows you how to put one together. Stick it in a glove box or backpack pocket so you're always ready for anything.

5. Geocaching Stash Geocaching, if you haven't gotten your GPS geek on with it yet, is one of the most fun world-wide treasure hunts you can participate in. Altoid tins make perfect containers for creating your own stashes to hide, especially microcaches. Explore your world and reuse trash! Eager for more ideas on what to do with your Altoid tin stash? There's loads of creative reuses at wikihow and more ideas for mint tin crafts here on Planet Green. Got a tip or a post idea for us to write about on Planet Green? Email pgtips (at) treehugger (dot) com.