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It's funny. Wax crayons, the very symbol of childhood, are pretty difficult for kids to use (ever see a kid's coloring book? They're a disaster). This results in tons of broken crayons. Crayons dwindled to nothing. Unusable Crayons. But there is hope for these reject crayons. Fortunately, you can reuse these "unusable" crayons and make something even cooler than the original—chunky, kid-friendly crayons!

With all of the pieces of your old or broken crayons, you can make chunky crayons that will actually be much easier for your young ones to use and it'll take a lot more effort for them to break if they're in a chunky form.

Here's how to make your new bigger, better crayons:

1.Make sure you crayons are non-toxic.

2.Remove the paper from the bits of crayons that you have. Coat a muffin pan with cooking spray. Set your pieces of crayons into the separate trays of the muffin pan. You can make multi-colored crayons if you wish to mix the colors in the same trays. If you wish to keep the colors solid, however, make sure that you keep the colors separated in each tray.

3. Once you are done separating your crayons into the tray, place them in an oven that is 350 degrees warm until the colors all melt. Once they have melted, take them out and let them cool on wax paper.

4.This results in wax crayon chunks; and they'll be fun for your kids to use. On top of that, this is the eco-friendly option because you won't be draining our planet's resources in order to have inevitably broken crayons lying around your house. Try it!