Dan Fletcher/iStockphoto


Recently, my roommate broke the full-body mirror that was in her bedroom. Initially, she was going to just throw it away but I started thinking of ways in which we could use the shattered mirror instead. Most recycling organizations don't accept broken glass and that only leaves it one place to go: a landfill. You'll have a hard time trying to rid yourself of a shattered mirror by way of freecycling, so my advice is to just use your imagination. If you've got shattered glass/mirror around your house, here are some ways that I used our mirror that broke and maybe you can, too.

1. Use the pieces for mosaic. In my opinion, a mirrored mosaic is awesome. The binding mix that you need in order to mosaic is readily available at craft stores like Michael's and all that you have to do is add water to it. I used our broken mirror to mosaic some plant potters that were previously dull.

2. Use the frame. The frame of a mirror is most likely still in tact. Typically, the mirror shatters and the frame stays together. In this case, you can still use the frame. You can use it as a picture frame, for instance. Also, you could fasten down wine corks to the backing and make a very unique bulletin board from it.

These are just a couple of ideas based off of what I have done with shattered mirrors. Moral of the story? Don't throw broken mirrors away if you can help it-reuse!

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