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Candles are great for setting romantic moods and illuminating spooky situations. Although they have been surpassed in home lighting by the light bulb, most domiciles are equipped with several candles for emergencies, and some people hoard candles like the 17th Century is coming back in style. Candles, when used, will melt into ugly clumps of knurled wax. A lot of people just chuck this wax away, but it can be reused.

How to Make New Candles from Old Candles

1. The first thing you should do is go to your local mega-mart or craft store and buy some waxed candle wicks and a candle mold. If you have a shot glass from your college days, you can use this as a mold.

2. Now you need to sort your candles. Let's say that you've gone through a box of five like candles and have two used-up rogue candles. Mixing dissimilar candles can have mixed results. Scented candles mixed with candles of a different scent can smell absolutely terrible. Lovely, colored candles will turn brown or gray when mixed with unlike candles. Candles made from a mix of dissimilar candles can produce more smoke than normal, too. If you are reusing candles for inside use, I would suggest only mixing like candles.

3. Take your five similar candles and put them in a melting pot. Use tweezers or tongs to remove the wicks. Pour the wax into the mold(s).

4. Place a waxed candle wick into the heated wax. If you don't want to hold the wick in place and wait for the wax to dry, I suggest that you get a pair of vice grips and a stack of books. Pinch the wick in the vice grips and use the books the elevate the tool above the wax-filled mold. Make sure that the wick is centered in the wax.

5. Once the wax is dry, unclip the grips. You now have a recycled candle.