I've been collecting kitty litter containers lately. For what reason, I wasn't sure. I just know that yes, they can be recycled, but they are so strong and sturdy, they seem perfect for reuse. But for what? I found my answers on Thriftyfun.com where readers posted their favorite reuse for litter containers. Below are some of my favorite reuses for litter containers.

Reuses for Kitty Litter Containers

1. Store small toys.

2. Use for container gardening—plant tomotoes, squash and more.

3. Get double use in the grocery store: as a shopping basket, then as a replacement for shopping bags.

4. Store cat food—instead of buying another plastic container to store food in, use this one.

5. Organize cleaning supplies or gardening tools.

6. Store cat scooper or kitty litter bags.

7. Use for birdfood storage—it's squirrel-proof.

8. Carry compost from your compost pile to your garden.

9. Set items on top at an outdoor get-together. Just turn upside down, then spruce it up with a nice cloth overtop and flower vase

10. Use to keep drinks cool outside, add ice and presto?instead drink cooler. (Make sure to wash out thoroughly first and that you're using eco-friendly non-toxic kitty litter.)

Source: Thriftyfun.com's Cat Litter Containers and Litter Buckets

Depending on what you are using it for, you may not want to advertise that it once held kitty litter inside. There were some great suggestions for redecorating: cover with contact paper, paint with eco-friendly paint, or let kids cover with their favorite stickers.

Looking at a few of these ideas, it seems the sky's the limit on what you can store in litter containers and how to decorate them. Be creative and get in some great reuse points. Even better, purchase eco-friendly cat litter that comes in biodegradable bags, rather than plastic containers.