Remember those old sports blooper movies from the 1980s? There were always some baseball players trying to catch a baseball. These guys would run into each other and a wacky noise would be used to accentuate their physical and emotional trauma. Eventually, the video would switch to winter sports and the home-viewing audience would be treated to several skiers falling down, hitting trees and breaking bones. Bones aren?t the only things that get broken. Skis can be tragically damaged. You might find yourself with an orphan ski or one that?s too worn to trust your life to anymore. Here are some suggestions for reusing skis.

1. Build a Sled

You can turn your old skis into an upgrade for a plastic sled. Lifehacker suggests to simply screw the skis to the bottom of a regular plastic sled. This will make the sled go faster than normal.

2. Turn Those Skis into Furniture

There are plenty of chairs out there made from of old skis. You can learn to build your own chair with this video tutorial I found on Youtube. You may have to slow the footage down a little bit to see what tools they are using, but it?s not too hard to follow.

3. Ski Fence

If you have enough skis or can find enough skis at thrift stores, in dumpsters, what have you, you can build an entire fence from old skis. Great for keeping the dog in the yard.