Drinking (organic) wine is sure a joy, but the fun doesn't have to stop there. Leftover wine bottles make great drinking glasses, but that's only the beginning of what those utilitarian tools can do for you.

1. Make a soap dispenser: Grab a pour spout and your creative juices to create a unique, handy gadget that'll help keep your kitchen clean.

2. Get crafty: Create a wall sconce or hanging lights, courtesy of HGTV. They're easy to keep clean, and sturdy enough for everyday use3. Use one as the base for a new lamp: All it takes is a lamp kit, a bottle, and a drill (with a glass or ceramic-cutting drill bit).

4. Crank up the romance with an oil lamp with a wine-bottle base: Pick up a long wick, some lamp oil, a ceramic wick stopper, and a small glass flame-protector, and you're good to go.

5. Take inspiration from these wine cork candles: Reuse your wine bottles as colorful, creative candleholders. Smaller candles are probably better here, but use your imagination and experiment with candle/bottle color combos for fun and cute mood lighting.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate