Ian Batchelor/Getty Images


Is your kitchen cabinet overloaded with coffee cups? If you have more mugs than you can shake a stick at, read these five reuses that can save those cups from going to the can.

1. Create some "to go" bowls. When you just don?t have the time to eat your Wheaties at home, put your grub in a mug. This quick solution can make eating the most important meal of the day easy even in rush hour traffic.

2. Accessorize your bathroom. Why buy expensive toothbrush holders and mouthwash mugs when your old coffee cups can do the trick for free?

3. Custom design a mug for your child. Does your little one feel left out when you have your morning cup of joe? Work with your child to custom design his very own mug for juice or milk, of course.

4. Paint a portrait without the mess. Painting can be a disastrously messy process. However, using your old coffee mugs to hold paint and brushes can keep your creative juices from getting all over the carpet.

5. Move your mug. Relocate your old coffee mug to the snack station in your office. Eliminate paper cups from your office budget by keeping your very own reusable coffee mug on site.