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Do you have a bin full of old pocketbooks you'll never use again, but just can't toss? Have you turned from the fashionably fab lady to the "I can't get rid of this bag" lady? If so, I've got five great ideas for repurposing those purses.

1. Instead of using impersonal boxes and containers to hold your home office supplies, utilize that once admired Gucci. Your guests will be impressed when you pop open an old purse and pull out some pens.

2. Create some potted plant caddies out of your larger bags. Display your old accessories with pride while hiding the world's ugliest pots. And should you decide to relocate your favorite oxygen producing organisms, you can easily lift and lower with your bag's handles.

3. Instead of buying wasteful plastic bags for trick or treating, give your little ones an old satchel. It's free and probably sturdier than what you'd pick up in a store. Plus, Dracula would be much fiercer with some matching accessories.

4. Welcome your favorite overnight guests with a gorgeous bag filled with fresh towels and bath supplies. They'll be awed by your style and excited they don't have to sort through your linen closet to find a face cloth.

5. Got papers? Use old book bags and larger handbags as mobile filing cabinets. If you want to save space on the ground, hang your organizers on the wall. Arrange them so they are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I promise organizing never looked so good.