We all have them: Cheap plastic cups collected from community events, gas stations, dollar stores, and even friends. As useful as a plastic cup can be during patio season, the mystery plastic most cheap cups are made from is a tad worrisome given the concerns over bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and other chemicals.

If you've decided to retire your plastic cups, you might instinctively think of giving them away to someone else, but that's just passing a problem on. Instead, consider reusing plastic cups for a variety of non-beverage uses.

15 Reuses for Plastic Cups

1. Hold toothbrushes in the kids' bathroom

2. Stick a cup in with your paints to hold water or solvents to clean brushes

3. Collect loose change in a cup

4. Place several cups in a storage container to organize holiday ornaments

5. Use a colorful cup as a pen holder on your desk

6. Start flowers and other plants in plastic cups

7. Use a cup as a mulch scoop 8. A plastic tumbler or cup makes a cute flower pot for your windowsill 9. Arrange cut flowers in a cup instead of a vase 10. Collect cups in a few different sizes to make a sandcastle building kit for the beach 11. When painting your home, use a cup to hold a small amount of paint to make painting the trim easier 12. Use a cup to measure and scoop pet food from a bag 13. Use a cup as a kitty litter scoop 14. When bathing your pet, use a cup to help rinse away shampoo (this is especially useful around the face) 15. Use a cup in the refrigerator or cupboard to hold extra packets of condiments like ketchup and plum sauce