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Rubber bands are an unnoticed, yet ubiquitous part of modern life. Open any junk drawer in your home, and I'll wager that you'll find a rubber band or two in that drawer. The best thing about rubber bands is how much fun they naturally are. You can pluck them like a guitar or shoot them at your mom. If you don't like those reuses, here are a few sensible ones.

1. A Tip for the Paperboy As a former paperboy, I'm fully aware that newspapers come delivered with a rubber band around the middle. Some of those paperboys and girls have to buy their own rubber bands. You can help them out by returning the bands to these hard-working teens and kids.

2. Keep your Food Fresh Use rubber bands to hold bread sacks, chips and Chinese food boxes closed.

3. Get a Grip Wrap a couple rubber bands around your Wii controller to avoid throwing it into your TV. This also works for anything with a handle that you may be holding onto. You can also wrap them around the sides of jar lids to help you remove those lids.

4. Hair If you're a long-haired lady or gent, you can put your hair in a quick pony tail with a rubber band.

5. Soap Limiter I like this one from Marc and Angel: Put a rubber band around the neck of pump-style soap dispensers to limit the amount of soap dispensed per pump.

6.Wires If you've got an entertainment system or computer with a lot of unruly wires. You can use rubber bands to control and condense those rowdy wires. This makes them easier to hide from company. You can also shorten wires by rolling up all the excess and tying it off with a rubber band.

7. Bookmark Use a rubber band as a bookmark by wrapping the band over the spine and saving your page.