If you're like me, you've got a lot of old shower curtains lying around. Mine grow moldy with the drop of a hat?it feels like I'm at the store buying a new shower curtain practically every month. Instead of enduring endless hours of rigorous scrubbing to get them clean, I've come up with some unique ways to reuse shower curtains in the house.


When it's time to paint your walls, cover the ground with a shower curtain. You'll never need to use paint thinner on your floors again. You can also use the curtain as a tarp for camping-as the base for a tent or for a bear bag.

Furniture Cover

What better way to protect your patio furniture from rainy, cold weather? Shower curtains also make great covers for barbeque grills. Just wrap your furniture with the curtain and staple the bottoms together. It's perfect for that 1987 vintage bean bag you?ve got sitting in your garage. Hey?you never know when it'll come back in fashion, and you'll want to pull it out.


Shower curtains make great lining, especially in places that are known to get wet. Some of my favorite spots are under the sink or in the car trunk. Instead of glue or tape, try using a removable adhesive to stick the curtain to your surface. That way, you won't damage anything if you decide to remove the lining.


I can't think of a sturdier material to make a kite out of?it's even rain proof! To make a simple kite, cut the curtain into the shape of a diamond, and glue two sticks across the fabric (like a cross). The last step is to tie a string onto the longer end. For more specific instructions, click here.

Slip 'N Slide You only need a water hose and lawn for this one. Just cut the curtain into halves or thirds (depending on how wide you want your slide). Then tape or glue the long ends together (stay away from the stapler if you don't want a bloody slip 'n slide). Then plop it on the grass, pour some water on it, and PRESTO! Hankering for a home makeover? Manifest your green American Dream with tips from Planet Green TV's Greenovate.