Salvage Your Outlet and Light Switch Covers with Mosaic


Why buy new covers if you can revamp them with mosaic?

I've been renovating my bedroom from top to bottom recently. Throughout the process, I've realized that there are a lot of common bedroom items that get thrown out during regular renovations that don't need to be thrown out. Old outlet and light switch covers are included in this list of commonly-thrown-out items. My outlet and light switch covers were trashed when I got around to taking a look at them during this renovation. I've been in the same exact bedroom for six years and my bedroom has been painted more colors than I can recall—leaving my outlet and light switch covers more or less demolished with layered rainbow-colored paint. But even things that are seemingly demolished can be saved.

You don't need new outlet and light switch covers. You just need to put aside some time to revamp the ones that you already have.