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As the weather warms up, you might be hankering to busy yourself with some fun projects. Volunteering is one of the best ways you could fill your time. If you're in San Francisco, and you're not sure where to get started, don't worry. We've done the work for you. Check out these great volunteering opportunities, and pick the one that fits you best!

The Best Places to Start Searching

Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center works with over 1,500 nonprofits in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, and allows you to search for volunteer opportunities all through the Bay Area. You can sift through hundreds of possibilities, from ongoing to one-day-ers.

One Brick

One Brick is a great way to find a no-obligation volunteer opportunity. You don't have to sign up for an ongoing commitment of x number of hours. Instead, you simply select a calendared event, and show up. It is usually just a few hours you happen to have to spare one Saturday. And who knows, it could lead to more volunteering with a particular organization you get to know through random sampling.

Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match is a huge service that connects people to over 65,000 nonprofits looking for some assistance. You're sure to find some amazing opportunities by clicking through their search engine.

HandsOn Bay Area

HandsOn Bay Area (HOBA) manages 120 direct-service projects each month, and helps people looking to make a difference find the organizations that need energetic individuals to help out. With over 300 nonprofits taking part in the service, you'll have a wide selection of Bay Area organizations to connect with. The group also offers book clubs, film screenings and discussions, and leadership training programs.


Idealist is a project ofAction Without Borders, and provides an interactive site linking up organizations and people all over the world, including the Bay Area.

San Francisco-Based Organizations and Events We Recommend

Green For All

Green For All is a national organization that works to promote a clean energy economy. It collaborates with all social sectors, including businesses, government, and community members to create and implement programs that boost quality jobs and opportunities in green industry.

Sierra Club

Sierra Club is a long-standing organization that really needs no introduction. There are countless volunteer opportunities to find out about through Sierra Club.

San Francisco Botanical Gardens

The San Francisco Botanical Garden is a beautiful section of Golden Gate Park, providing diverse plant collections, educational programs and dedication to conservation. Helping out here is in line with keeping the flora of San Francisco flourishing.

GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternativesempowers communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training. If you're looking to spread renewable energy options to people who need as many options as they can get, this is an excellent group to get involved with.

Friends of the Urban Forest

Feel like planting and maintaining some trees and bringing green to the city streets? Then you'll want to join up with FUF. FUF promotes a larger, healthier urban forest as part of the urban ecosystem, through community planting, maintenance, education and advocacy.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

This really cool organization, acronymed WWOOF is a great way to get down in the dirt on an organic farm. Search the site to see what farms in the Bay Area can use your helping hand, and learn how farms in the area are run.

Green Festival

Green Festival is a national event, happening in certain cities, including San Francisco. By volunteering to help out with the event, you'll meet great people, and make a difference by being part of spreading the word about sustainability. Be part of the street team, or the event itself.