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My favorite environmental subject is water conservation. Why? Spite. I used to have this roommate who would take hour-long showers, and anything I can do to make her look bad is pleasing to me. My motives may not be pure, but at least I'm fighting for a good cause. Right?

OK, kidding aside. Living in this dry Californian city fascinates me. There is no weather or rain here. Growing up in Iowa, all people ever did was talk about the weather and the rain. I miss talking about weather, so I'm talking about the Californian equivalent, water conservation.

You can save 60 gallons of water today without spending any money (I'm going to assume you own some of the things that I mention, like a 1000 sq ft garden and the tools to fix leaks.) It's easy and I'll show you how. These figures are based on averages. Everyone's savings will be a bit different, but think of this as a guide to what is possible.

- Take a 5-Minute Shower Instead of a 10-Minute Shower

Savings: 12.5 gallons a day.

- Put a bottle filled with gravel in your toilet tank.

Savings: 7.5 gallons a day.

- Turn off the Water While Brushing Teeth and Shaving

Savings: 8 gallons a day.

- Filling Your Dishwasher to Max Capacity

Savings: 2 gallons a day.

- Mulching Your Garden

Savings: 25 gallons when you do this.

- Fix that Leaky Faucet

Savings: 5 gallons a day.

Total Water Savings: 60 gallons.