Sierra Club Green Home


Are you a green home renovator who can't get enough tips about greening your home? Do you record every episode of [i]Renovation Nation[i] and write down each suggestion that Steve Thomas makes? Do you while away the night reading Treehugger articles about design and architecture?

Or are you someone looking for a few practical, eco-friendly solutions for your home? Either way, the Sierra Club has got you covered. They?ve recently published a new site called GreenHome. It's so good that I've referenced it even before writing an article about how great it is.

The Sierra Club is the United States' oldest and most trusted environmental group, and they are continuing their tradition of ecological excellence with a website that can help the consumer turn their drafty, old town home into a lean, green, energy-savings machine.

They have videos that can teach you how to compost. Quizzes on healthy-home having. (You have to be a member.) And don't forget the plethora of finely written articles about a variety of topics. They also have a blog and a carbon calculator.

Just don't fall too deeply in love with the Sierra Club's site. Planet Green is still pretty awesome. We'd also like your company.