Since our Nigerian Dwarf goats are small our barn is on the small side, too. I designed it myself, with three stalls and a milking area, and a sliding door that can separate the barn into two areas when we want to separate the kids from the moms. It is perfect for our needs.

No matter how small a barn is, though, it can be frustrating to have to handle an emergency in the middle of the night with a flashlight. Whether it is playing goat midwife or handling a tummy problem, I like to have enough light that I can see the entire barn with ease. Since we are trying to use less electricity not more, wiring the barn was not an option.

Marc found a wall mounted, outdoor solar light kit at the local Home Depot, on clearance. It had quite a small solar collector that hung on the outside of the barn with a wire that attached to the small light on the inside of the barn. Because of the small size we were skeptical but because of the low price we were willing to give it a try.

It took him less than thirty minutes to install.

Surprisingly the solar shed light worked and worked well. Nighttime milking was no longer a frustration. I was waiting for the big test, though. Both of our does were pregnant and invariably they kid in the middle of the night. Would the light work for a middle of the night birth?