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Remember in the Eighties when people were saying the word tubular like it would go out of fashion, and then it went out of fashion? Guess what, hot shots. Tubular just got a whole new meaning, the correct meaning: Having a shape like a tube or being composed of tubes!

And some of those tubes being spoken about in earnest are eco-friendly solar tubes, and one of the people speaking about solar tubesis Renovation Nation?s Steve Thomas.

A solar tube skylight is an inexpensive alternative to your run-of-the-mill skylight.In most cases, a solar tube costs less than $1,000 to purchase and install. It?s even cheaper if you install it yourself.

On the top of most solar tubes, there will be a dome. This dome can collect light from the sun, no matter its location in the sky. The

tubes reflect the light down their mirrored gullets and into your home where it?s dispersed

by fly-eye lenses. The square and stocky skylights of the past couldn?t even do this.

Solar tubes are a cheap way to decrease energy costs while improving the quality of your light and life.

This post was inspired by Renovation Nation.