ashley anna brown/reprodepot


Stuck with Thanksgiving duty this year? You may have already figured out where to buy a local turkey, which organic vegetables you're serving on the side, and how to address tricky topics with your in-laws, but what about your place settings? You can dress up the table with an eco-friendly centerpiece, and then give your tried-and-true dishes a makeover by whipping up these simple, homemade place mats from Repro Depot.

The best part of this project is how simple the mats are to sew; even if you are intimidated by the idea of breaking out your sewing machine, all you need to do is sew a straight line. Choose two coordinating fabrics—choose from new seasonal patterns at your local sewing store, buy the ones used in the tutorial, or rework any worn out sheets, clothes, or project scraps you have on hand—and follow these simple directions for bordering the front. You can use a different design for the kids' table; personalize the backgrounds by picking a fabric that varies from guest to guest; or, as the site suggests, whip up an extra set to give as a hostess or holiday gift.

Whether you're bringing out your grandmother's antique china for its 65th time around the Thanksgiving table or a newlywed hosting your in-laws on the china you got as a wedding gift a few weeks ago, these simple place mats mean you can put your own stamp on the holiday. (Via Craft)

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