Steve Thomas is the host of Planet Green's Renovation Nation, a program that focuses on making green renovations to homes across the country. In his regular column on PlanetGreen.com, Steve goes behind the scenes of the show and offers additional tips and insight on green renovation.

I recently went to Tuscon, Arizona where I helped an expectant mother prepare the nursery for her new baby. Our goal was to create a healthy atmosphere for the baby by improving the indoor air quality. Breathing quality air isn't just important for baby, it's important for everyone who lives in the home.

Here are a few pointers for indoor air quality in a nursery and beyond

1. Use low VOC paints. There is no reason not to.

2. Use organic cotton covers on mattresses and pillows.

3. They recommend latex foam mattresses, not fibrous mattresses because of dust mites.

4. Leaving your shoes at the doors is one of the things that you're supposed to do in any house, not just a house with a baby in it.

5. Open windows regularly to make sure that there is plenty of fresh air.

6. You're supposed to wash bedding in hot water, really hot water. The hot water kills the dust mites.

7. Use natural cleaning products to reduce VOCs in the house. Don't miss the Habitat Goes Green Episode of Renovation Nation.