How the Right Storm Door Can Save Energy
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Storm doors can add insulation, protection from the elements and the ability to reduce drafts to your existing home's entry doors. The better its insulation and air sealing, the more effective that storm door will be to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Aluminum Storm Doors Aluminum storm doors have frames that screw to the outside of the door casing. If there are any gaps after you install the door, caulk it up to air seal (always remember to air seal!). You know that 30% of your heating and cooling bill goes to air loss in your home, right?

Bottom of Door The next big area where air filtration occurs is at the bottom of the door. Storm doors are built to fix the bottoms of the doors because they come with an adjustable door bottom that slides up and down and screws in place. This makes the door really air tight and properly insulated.

Weather Stripping Your Door Make sure when you have a home or apartment that the weather-stripping is in good condition. Then the storm door can operate perfectly.

You'll know you did it right when the door to the house is almost hard to close.

What Happens to the air when you air seal properly If the home is properly air sealed, with no other place to go, the air will rush out around the sides, top, and bottom as the prime door shuts.

Yet, if your prime door and storm door properly work together you will know you made that storm door work.